Everything You Want to Know about RCN

Are you thinking of signing up for RCN cable services or any of its other offers? If yes then you should know a couple of things before you make up your mind. We are going to discuss everything you need to know about RCN service and what makes it better than any other provider available in your area.

RCN is building trust among its customers for more than three decades. Its services are distributed in major cities like Boston, MA; Allentown and Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Washington, D.C.; and New York City, NY. And above all, the provider doesn’t compromise the quality of its services and renders comprehensive solutions to households across its service areas.

You can enjoy an all-inclusive service by opting for RCN bundles that include internet, TV, and home phone services, or you can choose a compact option by going for a single-play internet plan. The choice of a plan depends on what your needs are and which service do you and your family require.

RCN Services: The Ultimate Choice for Your Household

RCN is providing high-quality services in your neighborhood for a long time now. It understands your needs and the importance of having a trustworthy service to fulfill all your connectivity and entertainment needs. If you are going through a face where you forgot how it feels like to have a provider that gives you 100% satisfaction, then RCN should be your next pick.

Having a reputable name in the telecommunication industry, RCN focuses on offering versatile options to both the business and residential marketplace. Plus, with the ability to be feature-rich, RCN plans are now the top choice of every customer who is looking for both affordable and quality services.

And if you are also interested in getting RCN offers, then RCN has a plethora of options that you can go with and fulfill your needs.

RCN Internet Services

If you are the one who uses the internet for work purposes and wants to have a connection that they can trust every second of the day—RCN internet is your best option. It will allow you to seamless connectivity with around-the-clock availability of service without interruption. Now you don’t have to worry about sending that important email or meeting your deadlines on time.

You can also feel free to download those large files and your favorite movies and songs. It offers various speed options that not only allow you to perform your tasks fast but can also come within your budget. In case, you don’t believe us, you can believe the award that RCN received from PC Mag for being #1 in speed and reliability.

Therefore, this amazing lightning-fast internet can be your source of experiencing the best internet connection that is perfect for everyday use.

Benefits of Having RCN Internet Services

When you choose an internet connection what features do you look for? Well, there are so many possibilities in this time of technological advancements. And if you get RCN internet, you expect to have everything that you want and more.

Fiber-Based Coverage

RCN has an infrastructure that is based on a top-notch fiber-rich network. The primary reason that you experience a high standard of service all the time is that it works on an approach of being extremely advance and productive for you.

Top-Grade Equipment

RCN provides you everything that contributes in enhance the user experience. That is why also you can have the latest equipment with the RCN plans that allow you to take advantage of the optimum level of speed.

Internet Security Suite

Nobody wants to face any type of security hazards. And issues like spyware, phishing attacks, hacking, and malware, and so on can be dealt with if you are going for an RCN internet plan. You get a McAfee® anti-virus that protects your device from any sort of unwanted intrusion and disturbance.

Unlimited Data

What more do you want when you are getting a high-quality internet connection with amazing features. But with RCN you can scale up your expectations and use unlimited data as the provider imposes no data restrictions on its consumers.

RCN Digital TV Services

RCN always makes deals that satisfy its customers at the utmost level. That is why if you are going to go for the RCN TV services you should know that you can enjoy a 100% digital TV over an enhanced fiber-optic network. The provider understands that customers have a diverse range of entertainment needs in a single household. And because of which it offers you a huge collection of HD channels that you don’t want to miss out on.

Whether you are a sports fanatic, movie lover, want to binge-watch your favorite shows, or stay updated with the news, RCN cable is your ultimate solution for all entertainment needs. With a variety of plans that you can choose RCN never keeps things ordinary for its customers.

Benefits of Having RCN TV Services

If you are looking for a TV service that comes with a strong list of features, then you should definitely go with RCN cable packages. It offers you a variety of amazing options and gives you a strong signal quality so that you can enjoy your favorite shows whenever you want. It also has a great list of features that makes its offers worth trying.

Long Channel Lineup

When it comes to the RCN channels lineup, you don’t have to feel cautious. You can enjoy more than 280 favorite TV channels at a time and have all your favorite picks in the amazing line-up of digital channels.

Live TV Streaming

If something that makes the RCN TV service stand out is the Live TV streaming. You can enjoy Live TV with RCN and amplify the quality of entertainment that you always wanted.

International Programming

Now that the world has become a global village and with RCN you can take complete advantage of this situation. This means you can enjoy channels from more than 24 countries and watch hundreds of incredible and diverse entertainment options.

RCN On-Demand

RCN On-Demand gives an option to watch what you want. Whether it is a newly-released movie, or show that you want to catch up on, or any live music performances, everything is available at your fingertips.


If you want to watch any live-streaming shows from the comfort of your home then RCN offers you the simple solution for it with Pay-Per-View (PPV).

RCN Home Phone Services

You don’t have to pay the expensive bills for your ordinary home phone services. If you choose RCN, it allows you to enjoy the modern digital phone that makes life easier for you. This advance and more attractive service are not just filled with amazing features and functionalities. But it is also a great option if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

You can enjoy unlimited calling for both local or long distance and stay connected to your loved ones no matter where they live. The provider always brings so many amazing features with this remarkable phone service and gives you a quality service with crystal clear voice packed with reliability.

Benefits of Having RCN Home Phone Services

RCN home phone services are not only pocket-friendly but it is also one of the most remarkable options that contain tons of amazing features that will make your home phone experience more exciting and worth investing in.

No Hidden Charges

RCN believes in complete transparency and because of which it always showcases every single detail about the features and services you are going to get when you sign up for a plan. With its home phone offers you can feel free to explore your options and get the maximum benefits at the best value.

Cost-Effective Service

We already know that RCN offers low-cost plans that everyone wants to have. So with these offers, you can not only enjoy the top quality of the service but also feel relaxed about your monthly budget.

Feature-Packed Plans

RCN home phone services come with 17 digital home phone features that enable you to experience this service most uniquely and conveniently. From Call Block, Voicemail, Call Forwarding to Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Waiting you can enjoy so many more features.

International Calling

There is no limitation to who can call and who you cannot. With RCN you can call all you friends and family member anywhere in the world. Plus, enjoy unlimited nationwide calling that bridges the distance between your loved ones.

RCN Bundle Offers

RCN bundles are the perfect way for you to fulfill all your needs in one go. You don’t have to think of spending your precious time paying different bills throughout the month. The provider allows you to combine all your favorite aspects of the RCN services. Select a plan that not only comes under your budget but also fulfills all the needs of you and your family with a blazing fast internet connection, wholesome TV services, and reliable home phone connections.

In A Nutshell

Now that you know everything about the most reliable and fast internet service provider in the U.S. Choosing a plan that fits you perfectly would not be as hard as it was earlier. Make sure you contact the RCN customer service to see if they are providing any promotional offers that can help you save more money.

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